Getting Started

We conduct an initial complimentary meeting with a potential client to gather data, identify goals and determine how we can be of service.  The individual or couple can then decide if they would like us to build a comprehensive plan, which we would present at a follow-up meeting.  At that point, the prospective client may choose to engage us in an ongoing financial planning relationship.


Most clients choose to have us implement the financial plan we have created for them (though this is not required).  This entails signing an Investment Management Agreement, setting up brokerage accounts and transferring assets.  We manage the entire process, including filling out paperwork and making sure titles and beneficiaries are set in accordance with the proper legal documents.

Monitoring and Updating

When we implement a financial plan, it is just the beginning of our relationship with the client.  We monitor and update the plan as the client transitions through the various phases of life (accumulation, education funding, retirement) and in response to changes in the tax code and investment landscape.  Periodic face-to-face reviews are scheduled to evaluate the progress toward stated goals.