-          What is the background of NorthWest Financial?

o   NorthWest Financial Services was incorporated in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1990.  Its founders, Bill and Kate Reno, are majority owners of the firm.  Employees own the remaining shares.    

-          Who are your clients?

o   We serve individuals and families from all over the United States (as well as some internationally).  Our client base includes a wide variety of profiles: young professionals to retirees, small-business owners to corporate executives. 

-          How do you get new clients?

o   Practically all of the new clients we receive are referrals from existing clients.  We are currently accepting referrals.

-          What services do you provide?

o   We like to say that we provide advice on anything that has a dollar sign.  A typical plan will touch on many of the following areas:

§  Investment Advice

§  Tax Planning

§  Stock Option Planning

§  Retirement Planning

§  Education Funding

§  Insurance Analysis

§  Estate Planning

§  Charitable Giving Strategies

-          How do you charge?

o   We charge a semiannual fee that is based on the percentage of the assets that we manage.  This fee covers all of our services (excluding tax preparation, which is an additional fee).  Most clients choose to have us simply withdraw the fee from their investment account. 

-          Is there a minimum amount of assets I must have to work with NorthWest Financial?

o   We do not require a minimum level of assets to work with a client, but we do charge a minimum fee. 

-          Do you have a service for younger clients who are just getting started?

o   We do offer a NextGen program that includes discounts for clients in the early stages of building wealth.

-          What investments do you use?

o   We take a long-term perspective on investing and use mostly value-oriented mutual funds.  You can learn more about our investment philosophy here.

-          How does NorthWest Financial interact with clients?

o   Every client of NorthWest Financial has both a primary advisor, who serves as the main point of contact for reviews and correspondence, and a secondary advisor, who is also familiar with the client’s situation.  We have fostered a collaborative work environment, enabling clients to benefit from the cumulative experience of our team.

-          Where can I learn more about NorthWest Financial?

o   You can learn more by reading our ADV Part 2.